Genre: Adventure, Documentary, Historical

Produced by: Maria Courtial, Faber Courtial - In cooperation with Telekom Magenta VR

Directed by: Jörg Courtial

Original title: Genesis

Lead artist: Jörg Courtial

Runtime: 13min

Language: English, German

Completed in: 2021


GENESIS embarks on an emotionally intense virtual reality journey to experience the dramatic milestones in the evolution of earth and mankind. An immersive 24 h metaphor of 4.7 bn years of evolution that reveals: We are children of galactic luck, born in the final second of eternity.

Director’s statement:

It took an eternity for the Earth to become the place we know and then came a being who, in the blink of an eye, actively changed the planet like nothing before. Our film tells our story. So far children of galactic luck. Our planet lies in the habitable zone, equipped to protect us from a hostile universe, yet it is no longer cosmic catastrophes that threaten us, but we ourselves. The greatest extinction of species happened 250 mya ending an era of immense diversity of life forms. It cannot be ruled out that this catastrophe will be repeated due to our influence on environmental conditions.

Origin: Germany

Devices: HTC Vive series/Oculus Rift series/Quest

Platform: VeeR, Alexandria