Fragments from Heaven

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Fragments from Heaven

Original title: Fragments from Heaven

Directed by: Adnane Baraka

Produced by: Adnane Baraka (Alpha Ursae Minoris productions, Morocco)

Country of production: Morocco, France, Qatar

Runtime: 90'

Expected release: December, 2021

Production stage: Post-production

Budget: $225,757 (77% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Funders, Sales agents/distributors, festivals, strategic guidance, editing consultation


In the Moroccan desert, two men are in search of the same fragments from heaven.
For the nomad Mohamed, finding one of those valuable meteorites would change the life of his family.
For the scientist Abderrahman, those celestial objects could answer his questionings about the origin of life.
Their search merges into a spiritual quest that echoes with everyone else’s.

Director & Producer’s profile:

After studying at ESAV film school in Marrakech/Morocco, Adnane graduated in directing in 2011.
He is a Moroccan independent filmmaker born and lives in Marrakech.
In 2010, he directed his first short documentary TALBANINE, a sensitive film about a remote and isolated school in the mountains, enlivened by the pupils and their teacher.
In 2019, he finished his first documentary feature WANDERING STARS, about three blind young Moroccans defying countless obstacles in order to survive in their parallel world and find true meaning in their lives.
Particularly, FRAGMENTS FROM HEAVEN is a film that Adnane has been working on since 2014. The film has been shot in several periods between 2017 and the end of 2020.
He is also a musician, researching in acoustic and synthetic sounds through InCave and SENT projects.