Cannes XR Development Showcase –
in association with Kaleidoscope


Genre: Climate crisis, Live Performance, Theatre

Format: Location based

Produced by: Megaverse and DVgroup

Language: English

Team: Ben Carlin, John Ingle

Runtime: 5 minutes

Projected production date: 31/10/2020

Budget in place: $150,000

Projected budget: $500,000

Country: UK

Flood is an immersive location-based narrative VR experience featuring live actors and audience interaction using live motion capture technology. Written by award-winning playwright Rory Mullarkey, directed by Punchdunk Associate Joel Scott and starring Britain’s best young talent.

Set in 2025 during an apocalyptic climate event, audience members are dropped into a beautifully bleak virtual world, where nothing works and it hasn’t rained in years. They meet a group of funny and furious young misfits who are the last to leave the town on the brink of collapse. Then suddenly the sky opens and the rain comes down. As the water rises audience and cast are forced to find dry land.

FLOOD challenges audiences to work with the young cast who have been left to pick up the pieces of humanities negligence. Flood is a 30 minute, 6DoF, multi-user VR experience featuring live actors.


Play area: Free Roam, Multi-player, Live

Number of players: Multi User, 8 Users

Built with: Unity, Live Volumetric Capture

Compatibility: Vive Pro, Vive Cosms, Valve Index, Oculus Rift S

Distribution: Festivals, Museums, Galleries, Non-traditional Spaces