End of the Peace

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End of the Peace

Original title: Wochiigii lo End of the Peace

Directed by: Heather Hatch

Produced by: Heather Hatch, Ava Karvonen (Della and Goliath Productions, Canada)

Country of production: Canada

Runtime: 90' feature/ festival version , 45' T.V

Expected release: September, 2021

Production stage: Rough Cut

Budget: $45,000 (50% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: festivals, sales agents / distributors, buyers, co-producers, gap financing, and strategic guidance.


This film follows the struggles of First Nation Elder Diane from West Moberly as they battle the Canadian government against the construction of a multi-billion-dollar mega-dam along the Peace River called Site C. If constructed, it will give way to the extinction of their people’s culture by destroying the land and water they have occupied for over 13,000 years. They fight against all odds for water.

Director’s profile:

Heather Hatch is a Haida (First Nations) filmmaker whose focus is on writing and directing films that explore female and Indigenous stories. She seeks the truth with a tenderness for her characters. This work extends to her latest project, Wochiigii lo, End of the Peace. Exploring the often devastating impacts of land development on Indigenous ways of life. (Funded by Telefilm) Her first documentary, WOMAN WHO RETURNS, explores themes of female empowerment and identity – premiering at the Edmonton International Film Festival and seven international festivals. She wrote for CBC’s Peace River Rising, a short documentary about the rise of violence against Indigenous women in the presence of a transient workforce. Her work includes promotion of her Haida language and culture in the CBC Kids’ pilot, The Girl Who Talks to the Moon.

Producer’s profile:

A 35-year industry veteran with 100 worldwide screenings, Ava Karvonen is internationally recognized with more than 50 awards and nominations. Ava is the founder of Reel Girls Media, with experience creating and producing 7 series. She recently produced the critically acclaimed documentary, FINDING BOBBI, a story of a woman who returns to stage 20 years after last performing as a man. She directed seasons 1 & 2 of CHAOS AND COURAGE for APTN, the CBC special, KEEPING CANADA ALIVE, HOMEFRONT (with media embedded in Afghanistan) and SEEDS OF CHANGE (taking her to China). Importantly, Ava has mentored 35 filmmakers with the National Screen Institute.