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Original title: Edita

Directed by: Pamela Pollak

Produced by: Cristobal Sotomayor (Austral Content, Chile) , Carolina Ojalvo (Pollak Films, Chile), Pamela Pollak (Pollak Films, Chile)

Country of production: Chile

Runtime: 70'

Expected release: February, 2022

Production stage: Editing

Budget: €159,951 (73% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: sales agents / distributors, buyers, co-producers, distribution agency, gap financing, strategic guidance, press, graphic designer, sound post production, medias partners, festivals, tv platform, VOD, digitals channels.


In the 80s during the military dictatorship in Chile, my uncle Jarda came from Europe, with a VHS camera. He brought the ashes of his mother, my great – aunt Edita. They said that she lost her mind, was a Trotskyist and Bauhaus Student. They did not want to talk about politics and religion. A dialogue between madness and sanity, certainty and uncertainty, neurosis and wisdom. Was Edita really crazy?

Director’s profile:

Graduated in Documentary Film and makeup artist of film, tv and advertising, she has been in the audiovisual field form more than 25 years. She introduced in the documentary creation area and EDITA is her first feature documentary. Also, she works for the different universities.

Producer’s profile:

Cristobal Sotomayor: After more than two decades of experience in international commercial production, where he has produced for some of the most recognized directors and production companies in the world, both in America and Europe. He displays a highly technical and creative approach to the endless production challenges you face every day, which combined with his ability to put together the right team for every job.Always dedicated to the generation of content, developing, producing, and co-producing, series for TV, Movies and documentaries.Carolina Ojalvo :With more than 20 years of experience in the production field and management projects. She had worked in different films from the distribution up to the production consulting. Some filmsTHE MOTHER OF THE LAMB who was on el Festival de San Sebastian, VOLANTÍN CORTAO on the International Festival of Rome.