Devil’s vein

Animation Day

12:00 2h


Devil’s vein

Original title: La veta del diablo

Directed by: Germán Acuña

Produced by: Sebastián Ruz (Carburadores)

Company: Carburadores

Country: Chile

Country of production: Chile

Runtime: 90 min

Language: Spanish

Completed in: 2024

Looking for: Financing, sales agents, co-producers


At the height of the mining boom in the Atacama desert of the 1920s, Mercedes, a humble 16-year-old girl decides to steal a mysterious piece of gold, hoping to use it to negotiate the life of her brother, who has gotten in trouble with the real owner of the gold: the devil under the desert.

Target audience: Kids 9 to13

Project status: In pre-production, looking for finance to produce