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Original title: Devi

Directed by: Subina Shrestha

Produced by: Rosie Garthwaite (Mediadante, United Kingdom)

Country of production: Nepal, UK, EU (not sure which country yet), US

Runtime: 80', 52', 58'

Expected release: January, 2023

Production stage: Production

Budget: $381,409 (5% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Funding, sales agent, distributor, co-producers, consulting editors, impact producer


Devi, a former guerilla fighter who survived war time rape, decides to fight for justice. Nepal’s leaders want to keep the shameful truth about how sex abuse was used as weapon of war buried, but Devi will do whatever it takes to bring her suffering and that of her countrywomen to light and resolve the conflict still raging within her.

Director’s profile:

Subina Shrestha is a filmmaker and a journalist who likes to push boundaries in storytelling. Her work ranges from print stories on the New York Times, to short fiction in virtual reality. Her documentaries on Al Jazeera have been used by various educational institutions including Columbia Journalism School, SOAS, and by human rights organizations in the Hague to discuss modern day slavery and the Maoist conflict. Her news coverage on Nepal’s earthquake and its aftermath earned her multiple awards including an Emmy nomination. She was nominated for the Rory Peck Award for her camerawork while undercover reporting in Myanmar during cyclone Nargis. She was a 2017 Nieman fellow at Harvard and a 2019 Global Media Maker fellow at Film Independent.

Producer’s profile:

Rosie Garthwaite is currently making investigative and OSINT documentaries from her sofa in London about the Middle East and North Africa as Senior Producer for BBC News Arabic. She founded Mediadante, producing the Emmy-nominated, THE WORKERS CUP, that premiered on the opening night of Sundance 2017. In 2015 the International Emmy-award winning film Escape from Isis / Escaping ISIS she developed was referenced by the UK Prime Minister in a key speech and shown to the U.S. Congress. In 2014 she Exec produced a CINE Golden Eagle award-winning series following the first Saudi woman up Everest. She is a former British army officer and author of the award-winning book How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone published by Bloomsbury in 2011.