Dear Cochise

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Dear Cochise

Original title: Dear Cochise

Directed by: Guido Passi

Produced by: Mattia Puleo (Cinefonie, Italy), Daniel Koetting (KP'S Remain, USA)

Country of production: Italy, USA

Runtime: 80'

Expected release: February, 2021

Production stage: Post-production

Budget: €191,000 (60% in place)

Looking for: Gap financing, Sales Agent, Strategic Guidance, Buyers, Festival


In the midst of the cultural explosion of the 70s, bouncing between the States and Italy, this is the journey of a young American hippie who becomes a basketball champion, an unforgotten icon, under the towers of Bologna, behind whose shadow the vices that will condemn him to an epic fail and a perennial redemption are hidden. A mindful awakening to the constant search of internal balance.

Director’s profile:

Born in 1975 in Turin Italy. In 2008 he completed a Masters in post-production and strengthened his skill set with a dynamic range of courses pertaining to the ever evolving field of film. He began as a camera operator and editor for national television shows and corporate videos; in 2014 he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as an Assistant Editor with the crew of THE DEFIANT ONES, an Emmy-winning HBO show. He continued his international career in Sweden with SVT as lead editor and eventually began teaching editing. In 2017 he made his first documentary, AUXILIUM: THE FAITH CONTINUES, with the support of the Torino Piemonte Film Commission. In 2019 he started directing DEAR COCHISE, a co-production between Italy (Cinefonie) and the United States (KP’s Remain), supported by MIBACT, Emilia Romagna’s Film Commission as well as the Film Commission of Torino Piemonte.

Producer’s profile:

I was inspired to become a producer in between sets for cinema, television and various independent, pirate-like audiovisual production and i have always combined a passion for moving images with a deep curiosity for life. I’m passionate about films, new media and entrepreneurship, and interested in finding new and creative forms of production all the way from new media, to traditional production. I have directed and produced several short films, among others the award-winning AIDA, HERD, CUPIDS, and APARTMENT 15, as well as project of every form and category. Currently I am the vice-president of Cinefonie, where among other things I worked as the executive producer for the fiction reenactment of the Mediaset program “Il Terzo Indizio”, broadcast in prime time on Rete 4. DEAR COCHISE is my first documentary feature film as producer and a key project for our company.