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Click The Link Below

Original title: Click The Link Below

Directed by: Audun Amundsen

Produced by: Audun Amundsen (GonzoDocs, Norway)

Country of production: Norway, UK, Germany

Runtime: 52', 90'

Expected release: April, 2024

Production stage: In production

Budget: $452.071 (25% in place)

1st feature: No

Looking for: Gap financing, buyers, distributors


Click The Link Below is about the murky world of money-making gurus online. Some people are living in extravagant luxury while others are lost in broken dreams. The Norwegian filmmaker Audun Amundsen looks behind the facade of their business, while he himself tries to escape the 9-5, and join the new online riches. He spends thousands of dollars on online programs. What does it take to succeed?

Director’s profile:

Audun Amundsen is an award winning Norwegian Documentary Filmmaker and an online marketing consultant at GonzoDocs ( He has received governmental and non-governmental grants several times for his films, which have sold to major TV-channels, and screened on festivals worldwide. Amundsen is known for submerging deep into long duration projects and making participatory documentaries (Newtopia and Help, I’ve gone Viral!). Favourite topics are our human nature and future prospects with the goal of raising awareness for the better.