Chrysantemum Day

Goes to Cannes

Chrysantemum Day

Category: Tallinn Black Nights Goes to Cannes

Directed by: Simon Mozgovyi

Produced by: Alex Chepiga, Artem Koliubaiev, Daryna Zakharova, Kateryna Lachyna (Mainstream Pictures LLC)

Country of production: Ukraine, North Macedonia

Original title: Свято Хризантем

Genre: Feature film

Language: Ukrainian

Runtime: 90min

Completed in: 2023

A story of relations between a young medical doctor and her patient – an old “flower-woman”, known as a healer, who mysteriously survives a nuclear explosion having completely lost her memory and identity. With clear orders to achieve results, the doctor manages to bring back some memory bit by bit, but these remembrances became unbearable for the old Healer…