VeeR Future Award


Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Format: Video 360°

Produced by: Kafa, Next D

Language: Korean

Presented by: Korean Film Council

Team: Si-Hup Sung (Director), Kang-Jin Lee (Producer), Si-Hup Sung (Writer), Hyun-Ok Kim (Cinematographer), Hae-Kyung Kim (Art Director), Dong-ki Kim (Music), Hyun-Sik Joe/ Eun-Seon Han /Yea-Na Jeong (Main Cast)

Directed by: Si-Hup Sung

Sunday afternoon, exhausted Daddy lies on the couch. He gets annoyed when his daughter Yu-ha asks him to play the air plain for her. After daddy nagged Yu-ha, he falls in a sleep, but when he wakes up after then, he finds that her daughter is missing. After he finds out his daughter’s trace in the doll house, Daddy is going in to the doll house to gets back his daughter.

Play area: Seated

Number of players: Single-player

Built with: Insta360 Titan