Co-production Day


Original title: ANHELL69

Directed by: Theo Montoya (DESVÍO VISUAL)

Produced by: Juan Pablo Castrillón (DESVÍO VISUAL)

Genre: Hybrid

Country of production: Colombia, Romania, France

Runtime: 85 min

Projected budget: 250 000 €

Budget in place: 45%

Expected release: June 2022

Looking for: Financing, Sales agents, Festivals.

While a funeral car travels across the streets of Medellin, Theo Montoya remembers his past and his friends, in a city suffocated by war and drugs. A cocktail of punk rock and modern vampires composes this neo-noir documentary narrated by the director himself.

Written by: Theo Montoya (DESVIO VISUAL)


DESVIO VISUAL – Colombia | We are from Medellín, Colombia. DESVIO VISUAL was founded in 2014. Interested in the hybrid documentary creation, we keep a dialogue between fiction and documentary, where the most important is the research of the narrative risk and experimentation . Our first short films, SON OF SODOM has been selected in the Cannes 2020 official selection. And our first length film, ANHELL69 is in the preproduction stage.