Cannes XR Development Showcase –
in association with Kaleidoscope


Genre: Animation, Epic, Musical

Format: Augmented or mixed reality, Binaural audio, iOS app

Produced by: Åker Workshop

Language: English

Team: Daniel Jones (Writer / Director), Jordan Fatke (Producer), Steve Cachero (Executive Producer), Ashley Gutierrez (Creative Advisor)

Runtime: 5 minutes

Projected production date: July 2020

Budget in place: $10,000

Projected budget: $50,000

Country: US

AHOY! is a table-top sized AR/MR music-driven short story. We’re taken to the experimental island nation of Åker (pronounced oak-air). But the experiment has failed, forcing everyone to evacuate. Our story picks up with an inventor returning to the island after three years of searching for answers. While scheming how to rebuild, he sends a hologram invitation to a new friend—a scientist who has discovered something thought impossible. She might hold the key to repairing the island. But nothing works as expected on Åker. In a communications system anomaly, the invitation lands on our phones instead, not unlike that infamous U2 album. Our inventor wears hologram glasses and we get to see his memories in red and dreams about the island being repaired in blue.

It’s a love song to the impossible and an invitation to build again.


Play area: Room Scale, Standing

Number of players: Local Multi-player, Single User

Built with: Unity, Blender, Arkit, Procreate, Magic Leap

Compatibility: Magic Leap One, iPhone, Ipados, iOS

Distribution: Cannes, Festivals, Apple App Store, Magic Leap World