1989 BERLIN, 2019 SEOUL

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23-25 June 2020
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1989 BERLIN, 2019 SEOUL

Directed by: Wooyoung Choi

Produced by: Sinae Ha (Boda Media Group, South Korea)

Country of production: South Korea

Runtime: 52' & 74'

Expected release: May 2021

Budget: USD 285,000 (44% in place)

Looking for: Funding, Co-producer, Sales agent


Three East and West Germans who have been living in South Korea recall the memory of the collapse of the Berlin Wall in 1989. As teenagers, they faced the unification in Germany and now looking at an atmosphere that may lead to reunification in South Korea. Andres, Mark, and Sonya start to reveal its bittersweet consequences and share controversial futures if the two Koreas were to become one.

Director’s profile: 

Since 2002, Wooyoung Choi (1977, Korea) has worked in a television production house as a director with B.A. specialized in Journalism. In 2013, he directed his first international feature documentary, HERE COMES UNCLE JOE with Sinae Ha. And he was done his second feature documentary, REACH FOR THE SKY together with a Belgium director, Steven Dhoedt in 2015. This documentary was invited to various film festivals such as the Busan, DOK Leipzig, Udine or Mar del Plata Film Festival to name a few. It was also broadcasted on National Geographic Channel (Korea), VRT(Belgium), YLE(Finland), ZDF(Germany), EBS(Korea) and many more. With this experience he co-produced the Korean-Philippine documentary, GOD BLISS OUR HOME and the Korean-Chinese co-production documentary, STAMMERING BALLAD.