Visionaries – Harald Neidhardt in conversation with Sten Saluveer

This event will take place Thursday May 16 at 12:00 in a conference room at Palais -1.

Over the last decades, films have inspired new ways of life, from imagining a better future and society, creating new forms of art, music and self-expression, or building new technologies from flying cars to 3D printers and facial recognition. We now live with exponential, previously unimaginable technologies at our fingertips… so who knows what the future will look like in the next decades? Futur/io – the European Institute of Exponential Technologies takes a stand against dystopian futures by inviting and creating a community of disruptive minds – from scientists, tech leader and filmmakers worldwide to create and share their visions of a desirable future. Join Harald Neidhardt, the Founder & CEO to  explore the visions and learnings, developed together with world class CxO’s, futurists and storytellers though Futur.Io’s educational program of exponential growth and desirable futures.