Frontières Proof of Concept

The Frontières Platform in Cannes will return for a third year to the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes, presenting 13 genre projects to the industry from May 18-19. A co-presentation between the Fantasia International Film Festival and the Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes, the Frontières Platform activities will include the Proof of Concept Presentation for projects in the advanced financing stages, and the Buyers Showcase for films in post-production or recently completed.

This year’s selection includes a diverse range of countries represented, including Canada, Denmark, Cyprus, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States and for the first time at Frontières, a project from Argentina.


“In its first two years the Frontières Platform has provided a first look at films such as LES AFFAMÉS and GHOST TOWN ANTHOLOGY,” says Lindsay Peters, Frontières Executive Director. “We can’t wait to introduce this year’s incredibly strong selection to the industry in Cannes, and are thrilled that our partnership with the Marché du Film continues to produce such excellent results for our projects.”


“Frontières is now established as a major event that supports the development and distribution of genre films,” added Jérôme Paillard, Executive Director of the Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes. “We’re very proud of being a part of this unique multi-stage market with the Fantasia film festival which has also proved its capacity to follow projects through.”


The Frontières Platform in Cannes is funded by the Government of Canada, with the major support of Wallimage, the Netherlands Film Fund, Screen Ireland, Telefilm Canada,  and SODEC.

After workshopping their proof of concept videos at the Frontières Finance & Packaging Forum in Helsinki this past February, 7 projects will present their completed teaser trailers to prospective partners at the Frontières Proof of Concept Presentation (Saturday May 18 at 10am in Palais K). Among the selected projects are new works from teams behind SEARCHING, THE WITCH, THE RANGER, and the upcoming VIVARIUM, premiering as part of this year’s Semaine de la Critique in Cannes.


Directed by : Ashley Savard, Jerri Thrasher, Sardana Savvina, Elin Marakatt, Sinituuli Kalttopää, Marc Fussing Rosbach

Produced by : Liisa Holmberg (International Sámi Film Institute), Jason Ryle  (ImagineNative)

Countries of production : Canada, Norway, Greenland, Russia, Finland, Sweden


Directed by: Jens Dahl

Produced by: Amalie Lyngbo Quist & Maria Møller Christoffersen (Beo Starling)

Sales Agent: Level K

Country of production : Denmark


Directed by: Salomeya Sabko & Maria Dudko

Produced by: Maria Zatulovskaya (Bazelevs Entertainment)

Country of production : Cyprus


Directed by: Elise Salomon

Produced by: Elise Salomon (Against the Wind Productions), Heather Buckley (THE PRODUCTION COMPANY), Jay Thames (77 Films), Brendan McCarthy, John McDonnell, Deirdre Levins (Fantastic Films), Dave Conlon, Rachelle Elbaz  (Eggplant Picure & Sound)

Countries of production USA/Canada/Ireland


Directed by: Ramin Sohrab

Produced by: Ramin Sohrab, Mohsen Sarafi, Jonna Enroth (Sonram Productions)

Country of production : Finland/Iran


Directed by : Lindsay MacKay

Produced by: Paula Devonshire (Devonshire Productions), Paul Scherzer

Country of production : Canada


Directed by : Nyla Innuksuk

Produced by : Daniel Bekerman (Scythia Films), Nyla Innuksuk (Mixtape VR), Christopher Yurkovich, Alex Ordanis (Stellar Citizens)

Country of Production : Canada