💟 Think-Film Impact Production Returns to Cannes with New Cutting-Edge Topics on Film & Society

European impact pioneer Danielle Turkov-Wilson presents Think-Film Impact Production’s impACT series of panels to discuss cutting-edge topics on film and society.

Think-Film Impact Production (TFIP), a market-leading impact media company led by Danielle Turkov-Wilson, has once again partnered with Marché du Film to deliver an exciting new program. This program will provide film industry professionals with the latest insight and tools they need to integrate impact into their projects. The program will feature a whole series of panels showcasing today’s forward-thinking leaders as they tackle the most timely topics of today and tomorrow.

Some of the topics that will be covered include mental health, sustainability, minority representation, and the future of the industry’s highest-level awards.

In partnership with Marché du Film, Spain, Country of Hounour, Tage Studios, Climate Spring, the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture (ERIAC), and the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), TFIP’s program is a must-attend event for film industry professionals.

Getting Creative About Mental Health

Friday 19 May | 10:00-10:45 | Main Stage (& Online)

Mental health is a major topic in the film industry and in society at large. Scriptwriters, directors, and on-screen talent carry a responsibility to care for the mental health of those involved in their production, and of audiences. This discussion with WHO film festival, SeeSaw and Director of ‘Lucid’ aims to inspire the creative sector by exploring the needs, challenges and positive actions taken globally for mental health.

Speakers: Sam Joly (Head of Marketing & Publicity | See Saw Films), Adam Morse (Actor & Director | “Lucid”), Gilles Reboux (Head of the World Health Organization | Health for All Film Festival)

Moderator: Amy Shepherd (Chief Operations Officer | Think-Film Impact Production)

From Impact to Awards

Friday 19 May | 15:00-16:00 | Plage des Palmes (Croisette, Goeland)

Films winning the industry’s most prestigious awards today reflect the hottest social topics, or put a topic on the global agenda. Impact can be the reason a film was made, generates audiences and press or catches attention of awards committees. Leading figures in impact and awards share views on the power of impact in the film business, how it is evolving, and how it can be recognised in the criteria of global awards.

Speakers: Valérie Delpierre (Producer & Member of the Board of Directors | Spanish Film Academy), Deirdre Hopkins (Head of Film | BAFTA), Misan Sagay (Screewriter and Academy Member), Danielle Turkov Wilson (Founder & Director | Think-Film Impact Production)

Moderator: Manori Ravindran (Variety)

ROMA: What Happens Now?

Friday 19 May | 16:00-17:00 | Plage des Palmes (Croisette, Goeland)

Data proves that audiences show up for diverse films, both in cinemas and online. So why are certain communities still underrepresented on screen and behind the camera? With a particular vision to bring to life Roma and minority identities in storytelling, this Cannes impACT lab will show how we can embed anti-discrimination in filmmaking to achieve greater representation of different cultures and heritages. 

Speakers: Guillermo García López (Director), Timea Junghaus (Executive Director | European Roma Institute for Arts & Culture), Alina Șerban (Award-Winning Actor | “Gipsy Queen”), Danielle Turkov Wilson (Founder & Director | Think-Film Impact Production)

Moderator: DR Dwayne Menezes (Board Member | Think-Film Impact Production)

The Future of Film is Green

Friday 19 May | 17:00-18:00 | Plage des Palmes (Croisette, Goeland)

This Cannes impACT discussion brings together influential experts delivering transformative sustainability solutions for the film industry and beyond. Discover stories, innovations and opportunities, and be inspired and equipped to reduce wastefulness, cut down carbon footprints, and meet audience expectations for how films are made as well as the stories they tell. Sponsored by Tage Studios and Climate Spring.

Speakers: Aliza Ayaz (International Climate Activist and UN Goodwill Ambassador), Claire Havet (Project Manager | Tage Studio), Amy Shepherd (Chief Operation Officier | Think-Film Impact Production), Lucy Stone (Director | Climate Spring)

Moderator: Theo Zenou (PhD, Freelance Journalist | University of Cambridge)

Breaking Barriers in the Entertainment Industry

Sunday 21 May | 11:30-12:30 | Palais Stage (Palais -1) & Online

Video games are a great learning tool that create realistic and interactive environments for children and adults. But how can we make video games more accessible? This impACT panel will discuss how video games can promote inclusion and equal opportunities and how to design games for universal accessibility in the film and video game industry.

Speakers: Enrique García Cortés (ONCE Foundation), Sheyna Garicano (Head of Communications | OWO), Ingvil Giske (Producer)

Moderator: Amy Shepherd (Chief Operations Officer | Think-Film Impact Production)

For more information on TFIP, please visit their official website.