Thessaloniki Goes to Cannes

Monday 20 May, 2019 - 14:00 - 16:00 - Palais K– Level 4, Palais des Festival

Thessaloniki International Film Festival is the leading Cinema institution in Greece. TIFF’s annual activity includes the organisation of Thessaloniki IFF (60th edition to come October 31-November 10, 2019) and Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (22nd edition to come on March 6-15 2020). The Agora and the Agora Doc Market are the industry activities of each Festival. In addition, TIFF runs a 4 screens cinema complex, the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum and the Thessaloniki Cinematheque as well as a Cinema Library which are housed at the picturesque port of Thessaloniki.


Contact: Yianna Sarri,; +30 694 464 6470

THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS (Ο άνθρωπος με τις απαντήσεις)

Comedy – English, Greek & German – 85′

Directed by : Stelios KAMMITSIS

Produced by : Vicky MIHA (Asterisk*), Fenia COSSOVITSA (Blonde) Luca LEGNANI (9,99 Films), Stelios KAMMITSIS (Felony)

Country of production : Cyprus, Greece & Italy

Synopsis : After the death of his grandmother, Victor, a Greek ex-diving champion in his 20s, starts a spontaneous road trip from his Greek hometown. On the boat to Italy, he meets Matthias, a charming German drifter. Both head to Germany, each for their own reasons, both seeking for answers, each to their own questions.


Drama, Comedy – Greek – 90′

Directed by : Christos NIKOU

Produced by : Hercules MAVROIDES (Boo productions), Angelo VENETIS (Boo productions), Nikos SMPILIRIS (Boo productions) & Mariusz WŁODARSKI (Lava Films)

Country of production : Greece, Poland.

Synopsis : Could it be that we are the things we don’t forget?

DEFUNCT (Απόστρατος)

Drama, Comedy – Greek – 100′

Directed by : Zacharias MAVROEIDIS

Produced by : Christos V. KONSTANTAKOPOULOS & Kostas KEFALA (Faliro House Productions)

Country of production : Greece

Synopsis : A 30-something failed businessman moves into his grandfather’s house, a defunct WW2 veteran. His quest to live up to his legacy will redefine both the family hero and himself.

PERSEPHONE (Περσεφόνη)

Cine-Opereta, Drama, Romance- Greek & Japanese – 90′

Directed by : Costas ATHOUSAKIS

Produced by : Costas ATHOUSAKIS (Sisyphus Projects)

Country of production : Greece 

Synopsis : What would you do in the sight of world’s first sunshine… Would you close your eyes and let it go?


Drama – Greek & English – 88′

Directed by : The Boy (Alexandros VOULGARIS) ​

Produced by : Eleni BERTES (Logline), Michalis SARANTINOS & Maria KONTOGIANNI (Steficon)

Country of production : Greece

Synopsis : It appears like an ordinary outing to a beautiful beach: four young women – none of which is ‘Winona’ – enjoy the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the sea. What secret hides behind their games and stories?