Saying farewell to the Marché Guide

The Marché du Film has decided to cease printing the Guide as part of an environmentally friendly approach. A digital version will be available for attendees leading up to the event.

In 1996 the Marché du Film launched the Guide, a handy directory listing all of the companies and people attending the Marché which was specifically designed to boost networking in Cannes. It has since become THE reference book all year long for the global film industry.

This year, the Marché du Film has decided to lessen our ecological footprint even further. In this attempt, reducing paper consumption quickly appeared as a must-do: from conducting paperless meetings and encouraging thoughtful printing in the office to stopping printing the Guide today. Indeed, more than 8000 copies of the 900-page guide – a total of 12 tons of paper – were printed and distributed each year.

Executive Director of the Marché du Film Jérôme Paillard says “We were excited to be the first to create such a unique Guide for the industry back then. Today, the stakes have changed and we are proud to be the first ones to stop it!”

The Guide will, nevertheless, be given a digital makeover: instead of leafing through the pages, you’ll be able to find anyone and everyone with just a search and a click in a digital version of the essential book available online a few weeks before the event.

In addition, all the information in the Guide is available all year long on Cinando. Indeed, all Marché du Film attendees enjoy a one-year subscription to the database with their accreditation.