🐲 Registration for The Sino-International Seminar is now OPEN!

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Chinese film market has continued to develop but in a general direction of independency and isolation. The pandemic, travel limitations and geo-political tensions are increasingly disconnecting the country from the rest of the world and, as a result, co-productions, sales and foreign investments are currently at their historical lowest. It’s therefore not surprising to see a new and growing skepticism from many sides of Europe on the possible collaboration with China in the audiovisual industry.

Nevertheless, with over 80,000 screens – twice as many as in the US – an enormous TV and internet landscape and a growing demand for content, this market is still strategically crucial, and it is important for international professionals to be up-to-date about it in the perspective of a post-pandemic world re-opening.

For this reason, the Sino-European producers association Bridging the Dragontogether with the Marché du Film – will reshape its traditional Cannes Sino-International event in the form of a case studies seminar. The aim is to present to market participants successful experiences in different areas of the industry in order to analyse in detail current characteristics and opportunities of Chinese collaborations.

The invited speakers from Europe and China will cover four areas of activity: co-production, sales of European content to China, distribution of Chinese content in Europe and line production.

After each presentation, the participants will have space for an extensive Q&A session during which they will be able to introduce and discuss their own projects and queries.

The event will take place physically on Friday, 20 May from 9:30-11:30 (CET Time) at the Marina Stage with the Chinese experts connecting online.

Film professionals with a proven interest in Sino-International collaboration are welcome to apply. This think-tank meeting is open to all participants with either a Marché du Film onsite or online badge. Due to the limited space at the venue, interested professionals are asked to pre-register via the e-form here.

For other inquiries, please email: cannes@bridgingthedragon.com.

Bridging the Dragon is supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, BFI, Norwegian films, Nederlands Filmfonds, NZ Film Commission, Mallorca Film Commission and Advantage Austria.