Pitches on the go – La fabrique Cinéma 2019

FRIDAY 17 MAY 16:00 (0h45) – Doc Corner Screening Room Advanced signing up required at doccorner@festival-cannes.fr, with priority to producers. 

Special spotlight on two African documentary projects selected this year at La Fabrique Cinéma de l’Institut Français, looking for co-producers & pre-sales. Each year in Cannes, La Fabrique Cinéma showcases films from around the world – helping projects that receive little support and deal with complex issues.

Directed by: Mehdi HMILI
Produced by: Moufida FEDHILA (YOL Film House)
Country of production: Tunisia
Contact: Moufida FEDHILA yol .filmhouse@gmail .com

In Tunisia’s biggest steel plant, about to be sold off to a private firm, four workers suffer from physical and psychological trauma after the death of a close colleague in an oven explosion, which they all witnessed . The four workers see a psychologist in the plant’s medical centre, who helps them deal with their trauma .

Directed by: Simplice GANOU
Produced by: Saoudah KAFANDO (Tilé Fari Films)
Country of production: Burkina Faso
Contact: Saoudah KAFANDO – ormfilm@gmail .com

In Burkina Faso, practising a “revealed” religion means a person is “normal”, or socially integrated . The director turns to his family group and his varied religious past to start a conversation and reflect on religious practices and beliefs as he experienced them . It is an opportunity to bring together the different spiritual sentiments needed to quench his personal thirst to make films .