Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes announces its first partnership with Blue Efficience

The Marché du Film is pleased to announce its first partnership with Blue Efficience a leading company expert in antipiracy enforcement.

Blue Efficience is a leading French company expert in antipiracy enforcement working for producers and distributors of the independent cinema, as well as for big channels such as the French channel: TF1. Blue Efficience invests strongly in R&D which enables the company to offer the best technical and innovative solutions to fight online piracy.

Its services include the removal of pirated copies of films made available through video streaming, peer-to-peer, direct download, illegal IPTV services, UGC platforms (YouTube, Rutube, Sohu…), social networks (Facebook, Twitter…) and general search engines (Google, Bing…).

From June 22 to June 26, Blue Efficience will closely monitor the films screened virtually during The Marché du Film Online.