🌠 Frontières Project “Kidnapping, Inc.” to Premiere at Sundance Film Festival

Bruno Mourral’s first feature-length film, “Kidnapping, Inc.” — initially showcased as part of the 2022 Frontières Platform in Cannes — is set to make its world premiere at the 40th Sundance Film Festival.

The Haitian director, who recently signed with the renowned talent agency WME, brings to the screen a story deeply rooted in the realities of Haiti. Following the misadventures of two inept kidnappers in the chaotic streets of Port-au-Prince, the film masterfully blends drama, comedy, and suspense, along with a series of unexpected twists that are sure to captivate audiences.

Adding to the film’s intrigue is a real-life parallel, as reported by Variety. During its production, three crew members were kidnapped and held for ransom, lending an eerie authenticity and depth to the film’s subject matter. This unfortunate incident also underscored the escalating insecurity in the Caribbean nation, which sadly holds the highest number of kidnappings per capita in the world.

“Kidnapping, Inc.” was previously presented at the 2022 Buyers Showcase of the Frontières Platform, a collaborative initiative between Fantasia Film Festival and the Marché du Film.

As the leading industry platform for genre film professionals across North America and Europe, the Frontières Platform offers genre filmmakers a vital opportunity to present their concepts and works-in-progress in Cannes and connect them with a global audience of financiers, sales agents, distributors, and festival representatives.

The film was produced by Promenades Films, Péripheria Productions Inc and BHM Films, and has been acquired for world sales by XYZ Films.

The world premiere of “Kidnapping, Inc.” is set for January 22 at the Sundance Film Festival’s Midnight section, with additional screenings planned throughout the festival, which runs from 18 to 28 January in Park City, Utah.

For those eager to be part of this cinematic event, check out the screening schedule.

On behalf of Fantasia Film Festival and the Marché du Film, we congratulate the “Kidnapping, Inc.” team for their remarkable achievement! 👏