🌟 Fantastic Pavilion Debuts at the Marché du Film with Genre-Focused Events

The fantastic genre will take center stage at the Marché du Film with the debut of the Fantastic Pavilion.

For the first time in its history, the genre film community will have an exclusive business hub within the walls of the Marché du Film, dedicated solely to the advancement of the genre film industry.

The Fantastic Pavilion will host a symbolic inauguration and ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 17, followed by a week of events including the Blood Window Showcase, featuring 8 exciting upcoming fantastic films for buyers and festival programmers, and a roundtable discussion moderated by Mónica García, director of the Sitges Foundation. The discussion will feature Carlota Pereda, Paul Urkijo, and Iñaki Gómez discussing the state of the Basque Country’s film industry, currently breaking box office records and collecting awards.

The Pavilion will also present 7 fantastic galas to showcase the latest genre films created by fresh blood:

  • 16 May, 8:30 pm | Olympia 3
    THE BYSTANDERS, presented by Screenbound
  • 17 May, 8:30 pm | Olympia 3
    SIGN HERE, presented by Alebrije Producciones
  • 18 May, 8:30 pm | Olympia 3
    TRIGGER, presented by Raven Banner
  • 19 May, 8:30 pm | Olympia 3
    DEPARTING SENIORS, presented by MPI
  • 20 May, 8:30 pm | Olympia 3
    WHILE THE MASTERS SLEEP, presented by Mantícora
  • 21 May, 9:00 pm | Olympia 3
    FAILURE!, presented by Promotora NAE
  • 22 May, 9:00 pm | Olympia 3
    THE BOOGEYMAN: THE ORIGIN OF THE MYTH, presented by Filmsharks

The Fantastic Pavilion will also host masterclasses, game trailer screenings, workshops, and other panels throughout the market event.

Additionally, the Pavilion will pay homage to different genre celebrities such as Alex De la Iglesia & Carolina Bang during the upcoming Fantastic 7 Cocktail, and Dario Argento at a breakfast to be held on the Pavilion terrace, as well as to famed genre film director Robert Rodriguez.

We are thrilled to debut the Fantastic Pavilion at the Marché du Film,” says Fantastic Pavilion’s Executive Director Pablo Guisa Koestinger. “The Fantastic genre has proven to be the most relevant film genre of our time, and we are excited to provide a dedicated space for its community to network, learn, and play.

The Fantastic Pavilion is located at J1 (Riviera) inside the Palais des Festivals. For more information, please click here.