👨‍💻 Cogx Joins Forces With the Marché du Film to Host Event Exploring the Incredible Potential of AI In Cinema & Television in Cannes

Tom Graham, CEO of Metaphysic.ai, Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI, and Nick Lynes, CEO of Flawless, will join fillmmakers and entrepreneurs for a halfday event on Monday 22 May.

The CogX Festival of inspiration, impact and transformational change has partnered with the Marché du Film to host a half-day event, entitled “Cinema & AI: The Power of Possibility” from 9:00 to 13:00 on Monday 22 May 2023 at the Festival & Marché’s official beachside venue, Plage des Palmes (Goéland Beach, La Croisette).

Generative AI is transforming the industry in exciting ways. From being a ‘co-pilot’ to writers to jawdropping art and special effects, and from virtual production to automating mundane tasks, AI promises to empower filmmakers and allow them to focus on their creativity. By bringing together filmmakers, creative talent, and AI experts from the cutting edge of motion pictures, this 4-hour gathering aims to be a catalyst for dialogue that both informs and inspires,and takes time to address questions from the audience.

The morning will feature leading industry experts, including:
● Tom Graham | CEO of Metaphysic.ai
● Emad Mostaque | CEO of Stability AI
● Mathias Chelebourg | Director/CEO of Atelier Daruma
● Nick Lynes | CEO of Flawless
● Magdalena Zielinska | Head of Voice Production of ElevenLabs
● Apolinario Passos | Machine Learning Art Engineer of Hugging Face
● Sander Saar | Futurist, Creator & Strategy Consultant
● Jo Plaete | VFX Supervisor
● Joe Penna | Head of Applied ML of Stability AI
● Jeremy Boxer | Creative Director & Curator

The session will also include screenings of AI-generated movie content, while the panels will explore how AI can be used from concept to screen and bring previously unimaginable stories to life on screen.

The sessions will cover:

● 09:00 – 10:00: Cinematic Alchemy: Unleashing the Power of Creativity with AI
● 10:00 – 11:00: The Creative Possibilities of Hyperreal Avatars
● 11:00 – 12:00: Cinema Reimagined One Year From Now
● 12:00 – 13 :00: Networking & Lunch Buffet

Guillaume Esmiol, Executive Director of Marché du Film said: “We are delighted to announce this ambitious event in partnership with CogX. We want to position the Marché du Film as the most innovative place in the film industry, and generative AI is definitely one of the hottest topics as its potential impact on the film industry seems limitless. It brings new possibilities for content creation and production, but also raises many questions. Thanks to CogX, film professionals will be able to join this event on our brand new Plage des Palmes to debate with top technology experts, benefit from their insights and understand the shift that generative AI could create for the film and content industry.”

Charlie Muirhead, CEO at CogX Festival said:
“We’re thrilled to partner with Marché du Film to explore the intersection of cinema and AI. 2023 has seen an explosion in AI innovation, with cutting-edge technologies revolutionising industries from healthcare to entertainment as the use of Large Language Models grows. This partnership between CogX and the Marché du Film seeks to inspire and empower filmmakers to embrace this technology whilst taking into account ethical considerations and working together to create a resilient and innovative film industry. By bringing together top AI experts and filmmakers, we hope to spark new collaborations and push the boundaries of what’s possible. Where better to have this discussion than in Cannes at the heart of the film industry.”

Emad Mostaque, Founder at Stability AI said:
“Stability AI, as a leading innovator in the AI industry, recognizes the incredible potential of AI in film and television. By partnering with CogX and the Marché du Film, we aim to inspire filmmakers to embrace the transformative power of generative AI, allowing them to unleash their creativity and revolutionize the film industry. Together, we will explore the limitless possibilities that AI offers and pave the way for a more innovative future in filmmaking.”

Tom Graham, CEO at Metaphysic.ai said:
“Metaphysic AI is thrilled to be part of this groundbreaking event at the Cannes Film Festival. We’re really proud to be the official generative AI partner for Miramax’s forthcoming feature film “Here” starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright. “Here” will be the first example of an extensive use of AI generated content that drives the storytelling of the film. We also were able to de-age the performers live on set during production so they could see their younger selves in real time and fine-tune their performance. Being at the CogX event will give us the opportunity to share what we’ve learnt with the filmmaking community.”

“Cinema & AI: The Power of Possibility” will take place Monday 22 May 2023 at the Plage des Palmes (Goéland Beach, La Croisette). Access is free to Festival & Marché badge holders by pre-registeration.