Unlock the film industry with Cinando.

Cinando is the premiere online network designed for film professionals, offering a rich gateway into the industry thanks to an exhaustive database and secure B2B streaming services, all year round.

Our powerful tools help sales agents, festivals & markets, institutions, producers and distributors to securely promote their work, showcase their company and make the most out of the industry network.

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Your Essential Tool to Navigate the Industry!

Enjoy the Marché du Film Online in just a few clicks with your Cinando credentials and discover the industry listings, line-ups, and online screenings powered by Cinando.

With your Marché du Film accreditation, you will benefit from a complimentary subscription to Cinando to prepare your market and will have access to our database, even after the event.

Available all year round, Cinando’s database will help you navigate the industry with the best tools in hand.

Through Cinando…

Save time with Cinando by targeting prospective business partners.

As a seller or a producer, identify your prospects and clients, boost your company’s reach, give your films more visibility and share them securely with other certified professionals from around the globe.

As a buyer, scout projects, target sellers and find the perfect hidden gem for your next acquisition.

Cinando Database is Also Available on the Go with the Cinando App:

Enjoy offline data instantly and easily switch from the general Cinando database to our featured market modes, benefiting from our services anywhere in the world, anytime and on any device.

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