Get your office where business beats strongest

Make things easy for yourself and your partners by setting up your temporary Cannes office right inside the Marché. Our booths are located in the Riviera, Lérins and Palais -1. This three dynamic areas are linked together where all mingle and where you will enjoy the proximity of screening theatres and all facilities, in the bar and the Plage des Palmes.

  • Booth at the Palais - 1

    Basic fee for 9 square meters: 4 650 € — plus 303 € for each additional square meter

  • Booth in the Riviera

    Basic fee for 9 square meters: 5 840 € — plus 413 € for each additional square meter

  • Booth in the Lérins

    Basic fee for 9 square meters: 6 425 € — plus 449 € for each additional square meter

  • Equipment and services

    In addition to the standard construction, you will get: modern furniture, carpeting, power supply, lights, booth sign. Cleaning (except in the case of cocktails/parties) and recycling. Night security of the exhibition areas, mantling and dismantling of the booth, and recycling of the carpeting.

  • Marché du Film Badges

    3 market badges for the Marché du Film.

  • Discount for screenings

    A 10% discount on the market screenings booking rates.

  • Cinando Subscription

    One year subscription to Cinando, the Festival’s premium online database platform.

  • Official Publications

    Publications about your company on powerful official medias such as The Guide, the Pocket Guide, Cinando and the Marché’s official website.

  • Access to the Plage des Palmes

    Permanent access to the Plage des Palmes (from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, cocktail party hours excluded).

Why Participate?

Every year in May, Cannes becomes the largest trade hub for the film industry. The Marché du Film is a vital meeting point for 12 400+ industry professionals - including 3 900 producers, 3 300 buyers and distributors and 1 000 festival programmers -, a place to meet peers from around the world and boost your business opportunities.

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