📆 The Fantastic 7 showcase will be held on Sunday 21 May 2023 | 12:00-14:00 (Palais K, Palais des Festivals).


Fantastic 7

The Chapel

Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Carlota Pereda

Produced by: Laura Fernández, Carlos Fernández, Iñaki Gómez and Pablo Echart

Country of production: Spain

Original title: La ermita

Genre: Supernatural drama

Language: Spanish

Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia

A fantastic fable that navigates between past and present, the real world and the paranormal, through the eyes of Emma, a young girl who wishes to keep communicating with her mother, even if that means contacting the other side.

Fantastic 7

The Fin

Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Syeyoung Park

Produced by: Heejung Oh

Country of production: Republic of Korea

Original title: 지느러미

Genre: Disaster, Independent, Science-fiction

Language: Korean

Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

A dying merman asks a friend to give his remains to his daughter, hiding amongst the humans.Tasked with this dangerous journey, the merman secretly heads to the land of humans. He is chased by a new civil servant recruit fueled by curiosity and hatred.

Fantastic 7

The Shelter 

Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Talal Selhami

Produced by: Lamia Chraïbi 

Country of production: France, Morocco 

Original title: Le Refuge

Genre: Psychological Horror

Language: Arabic, French

Cairo International Film Festival

Paris. A Syrian refugee and war survivor, has to take care of an old invalid French man at the end of his life, but being close to death again awakens ghosts from the past.

Fantastic 7


Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Pablo Delgado

Produced by: Eva Ruiz de Chávez and Mariana Rodríguez

Country of production: Mexico

Original title: Corpus

Genre: Horror

Language: Spanish

Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara

Something is happening in the dungeons of an old seminary in the middle of the woods. A dark and ancient force has risen from the depths to reclaim its freedom.

Fantastic 7

The Televangelist

Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Tom Levesque

Produced by: Kevin DeWalt, Matt Noonan

Country of production: New Zealand

Original title: The Televangelist

Genre: Black comedy, Psychological thriller

Language: English

New Zealand International Film Festival

When a Televangelist is convinced a rival is behind his dwindling social media enterprise – Hendrick Powell sets out on a journey of obsession, theatrics and blackmail to reclaim his online followers whatever the cost.

Fantastic 7

Dead Enders

Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Fidel Ruiz-Healy and Tyler Walker

Produced by: Fidel Ruiz-Healy and Tyler Walker

Country of production: USA

Original title: Dead Enders

Genre: Comedy, Coming-of-Age, Horror

Language: English

SXSW Film & TV Festival

Dead Enders is a horror comedy about a listless slacker who must reconnect with her ex-best friend in order to stop a scourge of mind controlling bugs from taking over their small town.

Fantastic 7

Restore Point

Category: Fantastic 7

Directed by: Robert Hloz

Produced by: Jan Kallista

Country of production: Czech Republic

Original title: Bod Obnovy

Genre: Science-fiction

Language: Czech

Tallinn Black Nights Festival

2041. All people have a constitutional right to experience one whole life. If someone dies an unnatural death, they are revived. All you need to do is to regularly create a restore point –a backup where your memory is saved to. Murder is nearly impossible. Trochinowska has to solve a murder-mystery.