Winnipeg, seeds of hope

Animation Day

12:00 2h


Winnipeg, seeds of hope

Original title: Winnipeg, el barco de la esperanza

Directed by: Elio Quiroga & Beñat Beitia

Produced by: Marianne Mayer-Beckh (El Otro Film) & Antoni Marin Vila (La Ballesta) & Ricardo Ramon (Dibulitoon)

Company: El Otro Film

Country: Chile

Country of production: Chile & Spain

Runtime: 80 min

Language: Spanish

Completed in: 2023

Looking for: Financing & Sales Agents


Victor, a widowed father and his little daughter Julia abandon Spain, in 1939, during the civil war. Concentration camps awaits them in France; but there is a chance to escape on board the Winnipeg, a ship chartered by Neruda and the Quakers in Paris, to bring them safely to a new destination: Valparaiso, Chile, where a new life is possible.

Target audience: Family (+8)

Project status: Finishing Development & In Financing