Uky and Lola in the Land of Fire

Animation Day

12:00 2h


Uky and Lola in the Land of Fire

Original title: Uky y Lola en Tierra del Fuego

Directed by: Fabián Andrade

Produced by: Simón Barrionuevo (Wild Bunch Studio)

Company: Wild Bunch Studio

Country: Chile

Country of production: Chile

Runtime: 90 min

Language: Spanish, English

Completed in: 2023

Looking for: Financing, co-producers


Uky, an impetuous and young Selk’nam, and Lola, a Shaman apprentice, must save their people from the evil sheep farmers who are trying to enslave them and usurp the land. Uky & Lola must work together to learn how to channel the magic of the spirits and solve the eternal dispute between the Sun and the Moon!

Target audience: Family

Project status: Preproduction