The War of the Grandpas

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The War of the Grandpas

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Directed by: Gianluca Ansanelli

Produced by: Marco Belardi for Greenboo Production

Original title: La Guerra Dei Nonni

Completed in: 2021


Gerri is a caring and attentive grandfather, he lives with his daughter’s family, helping around the house and taking care of his beloved grandchildren. This idyllic family balance is broken when Grandpa Tom returns to Italy to spend time with his grandchildren after years living abroad. Exuberant and boisterous, Grandpa Tom is ready to break every rule established by Grandpa Gerri in order to fulfill the children’s wishes and win their love. The clash between Gerri and Tom will create a heated competition, leading to a series of hilarious challenges between grandparents, with no holds barred… and plenty of plot twists.

Director’s biography:

Gianluca Ansanelli, born in Naples in 1974, is an actor, director, writer, and screenwriter. Ansanelli’s notable works include  » From Naples with Love », « Welcome at Esposito’s » and his short film « Autovelox », presented at Giffoni Film Festival. Additionally, his works as a screenwriter include « With all my heart » by Vincenzo Salemme, « Chi ha incastrato Babbo Natale? » by Alessandro Siani, « The boat » by Alessio Liguori, and « The last joint » by Giampaolo Morelli. « The War of the Grandpas » is his fourth feature film.

Producer’s biography;

Marco Belardi is the producer behind several successful Italian films by directors such as Paolo Genovese, Paolo Virzì, and Gabriele Muccino, including Perfect Strangers (2016), Tutta colpa di Freud (2014), The Place (2017), Superheroes (2021), The first day of my life (2022), Like Crazy (2016), Notti Magiche (2018), There is no place like home (2018) and The Best Years (2020). In December 2021, Marco Belardi launched GreenBoo Production, which, despite its recent foundation, has already produced several films and has numerous ambitious projects in development.

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