The Remnants of the Pass

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The Remnants of the Pass

Original title: Los restos del pasar

Directed by: Alfredo PICAZO, Luis SOTO


Country of production: Spain

Runtime: 81'

Expected release: June, 2023

Production stage: Post-production

Budget: €85.000 (80% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: International Sales Agents, Distributors, Festivals, Co-Producers


Antonio remembers a Holy Week from his childhood in a remote village in Córdoba. Seven days that turned him into the man he is and the child he cries to be again. A letter from an adult mind, in memory of the past.

Director’s profile:

Alfredo Picazo. Director, filmmaker and colourist Baena (Córdoba). He studied at the Escuela Universitaria de Artes TAI and specialised in Film Directing. At the same time, he trained and qualified as a certified colourist. His career includes the direction of the medium-length film « Buona Novella » (2019, Alfredo Picazo and Soto Muñoz) and the short film « Apollo ». He has also directed music videos such as « Su Mirada » and « Bruma Sobre Madriz » by the artist L’Voy. Together with Soto Muñoz, he directed the cinematography of « El Cuento del Limonero ». His first professional short film as director and scriptwriter is « Cuando se hundieron las formas puras », a free version of the story of Federico García Lorca during the Spanish Civil War. Winner at the Montreal International Film Festival as Best New Director 2022. « The remnants of the pass » (2023) is his first feature film as a director.

Co-Director’s profile:

Luis Muñoz, « Soto » Baena (Córdoba). Graduated in Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts at TAI School. Specialised in directing at TAI School.At the age of 19 he founded the collective La Huelga de las Sardinas, through which he produces most of his work.His films are characterised by the use of rural areas as a backdrop. Interested in decentralised production models, he shoots his films, imbuing them with an aura of escapism in the face of urban freneticism. His work deals with themes such as absence, memory and adolescent drifting, inevitably impregnated with traces of magical realism and phantasmagoria inherited from Latin American literature. In addition he develops his work in other audiovisual fields such as advertising production and pedagogy. Works: El Cuento del Limonero (medium-length film 2021) Circo de Pulgas (short 2022); The remnants of the pass (documentary 2023).

Producer’s profile:

J. Alberto Andrés Lacasta.Doctor in Legal Sociology (University Zaragoza) Master’s Degree in Film Scriptwriting. Master in Production and Direction of Audiovisual Content. He studied Video at the Professional School of Fine Arts. He has developed his career as a scriptwriter, script reviewer, producer and director. He has won more than 40 awards and has participated in more than 300 festivals. He is a member of Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences and founder of Du Cardelin Studio. Recent Work as director, writer or producer: A woman without a shadow (2013 documentary); Behind Nazarín (2015 documentary); Epilogue to the death of Faun (2016 short); Ofra&Khalil (2019 short); Sebastienne (2021 short); Buñuel un cineasta surrealista (2021 documentary); Manolo Kabezabolo (2023 documentary); Las gemelas Atomikas (2023 documentary Movistar+);The remnants of the pass (2023 documentary).