The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine

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The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine

Original title: La Fabulosa Máquina de Cosechar Oro

Directed by: Alfredo Pourailly

Produced by: Francisco Hervé (Juntos Films, Chile), Alfredo Pourailly (55 Sur Media, Chile), Annemiek van der Hell (Windmill Film, Netherlands)

Country of production: Chile, Netherlands

Runtime: 75'

Expected release: January/February, 2023

Production stage: Post Production

Budget: €162,000 (100% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Festivals


Toto, the last gold digger in Tierra del Fuego is 62, his body is severely damaged by his work, and feels close to death. But he can’t stop working: he is not qualified for social security. His cowboy son Jorge designs a machine that should bring them a better future.

Director’s profile:

Founder of the production company 55 Sur Media. Director and producer of documentary film, documentary photographer and Master in Heritage. He currently works as a producer and director of the cinematographic, photographic and cultural management projects that 55 Sur Media develops with the aim of safeguarding, valuing and disseminating the cultural, historical and natural heritage of Chile. He received a Master’s degree in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development, taught by the University of Barcelona, ​​the University of Turin and ITCILO. He is currently directing his debut documentary La Tierra del Fuego in co-production with Juntos Films.

Producers’s profile:

Francisco Hervé is a film director, screenwriter and producer. He has developed feature films such as El Poder de la Palabra, Hija, Los Castores, La Ciudad Perdida, among others, all of them premiered at the most important festivals in the world, obtaining awards such as the Altazor, Pudú, Paoa and the Pedro Sienna. His most recent premiere, as producer and co-writer, was the feature film El Otro winner in the Burning Lights category at the Vision Du Reel festival, Switzerland – and has accumulated more than 10 international awards -. He is currently preparing the premiere of Immersion, by Nicolás Postiglione, a film in which he is a producer, and new projects for film and television. He is part of the international network of Eurodoc producers, and is a professor at the University of Chile and the Catholic University of Chile.