Cannes XR Development Showcase –
in association with Kaleidoscope


Genre: Action/Adventure, Biography, Biopic, Documentary, Drama, Epic, Family, Historical, Neuroscience, Puzzle

Format: 6 DoF, Volumetric Capture

Produced by: Ume in Association with Sensorium KonVrge, Bousis Films, and Sensorium Studio

Language: English

Team: Victoria Bousis (Director, Writer, Producer), Todd Bryant (Technical Producer), John Fitzgerald (Volumetric Capture); Candice Alejandre (Co-Producer); Elodie Yung (Executive Producer) Cast: Elodie Yung, Arnold Chun, Vincent Rodriguez III, Abraham Sigler and Lucas Sigler

Runtime: 30 minutes

Projected production date: September 2019 - August 2020 on Rift S, September 2020-November 2020 (adaptation for Oculus Quest)

Budget in place: 2/3 of the budget has been raised

Projected budget: N/A

Country: US

Based on the internationally renowned memoir, STAY ALIVE MY SON, by Pin Yathay, this experience highlights the devastating choices a parent is forced to make. Captured volumetrically, we meet Yathy and dive through light and space into his heart – the symbol of his love – to experience his story first handedly. A fantastical visual journey unravels via memory objects linked to key moments. Using gaze-activation, the object transforms, breathing life into his memories: living the chaotic evacuation from Phenom Penh, flying in labor camps over rice fields and jungles, and landing near a riverbed where the decision to abandon of his six-year-old son was made. During the experience, the participant’s heart variability, galvanic skin response, and motion-based activity are captured, uniquely personalizing each journey and prompting a call to action: to reunite Yathay with his son, healing one parent’s heart out of the millions devastated from past to present.


Play area: Standing, Seated, Black Box Theaters

Number of players: Single-player

Built with: Unreal, Maya 3d, Houdini, Depthkit, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Facebook, Oculus Rift, Azure Kinect

Compatibility: Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest

Distribution: Sandbox Vr, Cannes, Sxsw, Triveca, Sundance, Oculus Store, Museums, At-home, Raindance Film Festival, Events, Cultural Mediators, Social Media, Film Festivals, Oculus Quest