Prison X: Chapter 1 – The Devil and the Sun


Available from 6 to 17 July:
• in Museum of Other Realities

Prison X: Chapter 1 – The Devil and the Sun

Format: 6 DoF

Directed by: Violeta Ayala

Produced by: Daniel Fallshaw, Violeta Ayala, Roly Elias | Assistants: Camila Claros, Charlie Schache, Annette Lin, Claire Cao

Original title: Prison X

Lead artist: Lead Developer/Technical Director: Alap Parikh

Main cast: The Jaguaress: Violeta Ayala | Dan Magpie: Genesis Owusu | Nuna: Celina Debassey | Supay: Anamaria Gómez Jaramillo | Quilla: Nicole Ukelele

Country: Australia/Bolivia/India

The eccentric deity The Jaguaress greets you at the velvet curtain, she is followed by her twin blue jaguars with minds of their own. She casts you as Inti, a young man who dreamed of being a drug lord but ended up in prison after his first job as a mule for la blanca.
Prison X is an Andean mythological animation that sweeps you into a labyrinthine metaverse, where you coexist with devils, saints, corrupt prison guards, and even a Western filmmaker.

Device: Desktop-tethered VR Headset



Character Designer: Maria Corvera Vargas

Lead Illustrator: Rilda Paco Alvarado

Motion Capture: Violeta Ayala, Roly Elias, Daniel Fallshaw

Sound Design/Virtual Reality Mix: Roly Elias, Citizen Kay

3-D Generalist/ Rigging: Alberto Santiago, Roly Elias

3-D Illustrators: Roly Elias, Olivia Barron


Opening Soundtrack: ‘Atahuallpa’ by Kala Marka Author and composer: Rodolfo Choque Q. Remix by XNYWOLF