Notes From The Underground

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Notes From The Underground

Original title: Notes From The Underground

Directed by: Chris Kets, Adrian Van Wyk

Produced by: Kurt Orderson (Azania Rizing Productions), Adrian Van Wyk (Azania Rizing Productions), Chris Kets

Country of production: South Africa

Runtime: 90'

Expected release: April, 2025

Production stage: Post-production

Budget: €100 000 (62.5% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Notes seeks collaborators and mentors for technical support, film mentors for story confirmation, sales agents for distribution deals, finishing funds for post-production and buyers. We are also seeking festivals to stage the film's premiere.


A journey into Cape Town’s unique take on Hip Hop as told through artists from the city’s periphery. A diverse collage of language, dance, art and ultimately the manifestation of the culture’s 5th element: “Knowledge of Self” within Post-Apartheid South Africa.

Directors’ profile:

Chris Kets, a South African director, specialising in documentary editing and cinematography. He’s passionate about innovative storytelling and has worked on various projects exploring music, culture, and identity. Currently directing « Notes from the Underground » and developing « Global Bass, » showcasing African music subcultures. Recent works include multimedia series « Third Space » and Spotify documentary « Freedom Sounds. »

Adrian Van Wyk is a filmmaker/creative producer and cultural historian from Cape Town, South Africa. His MA dissertation has laid foundation for the feature documentary he is currently directing titled, « Notes From The Underground ». In 2023 he produced a short documentary titled « What The Soil Remembers » which premiered at IFFRotterdam where it was awarded the Ammodo Tiger Short Award.





Producer’s profile:

Kurt Orderson, an award-winning filmmaker from Cape Town, creates films using historical, political, and transnational solidarity traditions, exploring untold stories and crafting new narratives. He founded Azania Rizing Productions in 2009, producing documentaries across continents and short films for NGOs. His recent film, « Not in My Neighborhood, » garnered multiple awards and screened at numerous festivals worldwide. He was also honored with the Arrighi Center for Global Studies Fellowship at Johns Hopkins.