Norwegian Dream

Co-production Day

Norwegian Dream

Original title: Norwegian Dream

Directed by: Leiv Igor Devold (Spætt Film AS)

Produced by: Håvard Wettland Gossé (Spætt Film AS)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Norway, Poland, Germany

Runtime: 90 min

Projected budget: 1 022 548 €

Budget in place: 85%

Expected release: April 30th, 2022

Looking for: Sales agents, festivals, pre-sales

ROBERT (19) moves from the Polish countryside to work on a fish processing factory on the coast of Norway. There he falls in love with the local man IVAR (19) who is openly gay and a member of the workers union. Robert is hiding his sexual orientation from the other Polish immigrant workers. When Ivar helps the Polish to start a strike for better working conditions at the factory, Robert has to choose between money or love.

Written by: Justyna Bilik (Spætt Film AS)


Spætt Film AS – Norway | Spætt Film AS is one of the biggest production companies in Trondheim, Norway. Since our founding in 2006 we have earned a reputation for high quality and on-time deliveries. Alongside our corporate productions, we produce short films, documentaries and feature films. We have been involved in several co-productions spanning from Mexico to Palestine.