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Original title: میزان

Directed by: Shahab Mihandoust

Produced by: Shahab Mihandoust (Canada)

Country of production: Iran, Canada

Runtime: 75'

Expected release: August, 2022

Production stage: Fine Cut

Budget: $98,000 CAD (100% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Festivals, Sales agents and distributors


Beside its significance in the physical geography and its salience to the history, economy and politics of the The Middle East, waterways of Khuzestan in Iran remain to be a significant source of income for the communities who inhabit the region. Meezan (Scales) looks at the physical and emotional aspects of labor among these communities and reflect on the relation between bodies and scales.

Director’s profile:

Shahab Mihandoust is an Iranian-Canadian filmmaker. His practice stands at the intersection between cinema and anthropology. Inspired by ethnographic approaches to research and creation his work deals with issues of identity and labor in relation to natural and built environments to study how social, cultural and political processes affect people and places. His attention in his practice is to how everyday social and sensorial experiences are formed in response to current circumstances and transformations of our environments. Shahab’s first documentary, Zagros, which won the national award at RIDM 2018, follows the creation of carpets across the Western mountains of Iran to reflect on the ways labor and culture are interconnected. Zagros has been shown and awarded internationally in several documentary and ethnographic festivals.