Married to a Poisonous Lady

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Married to a Poisonous Lady

Original title: Married to a Poisonous Lady

Directed by: Masahiro Nimura

Produced by: Masahiro Nimura (Japan)

Country of production: Japan

Runtime: 85'

Expected release: September, 2023

Production stage: In production

Budget: $180,000 USD (45% secured)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Sales agents, international distributors, Co-producers, strategic guidance, investors, funders


Death Row inmate Masumi Hayashi seems monstrous; accused of poisoning the curry at a summer festival, killing 4 and injuring dozens of others, as well as an insurance fraud scheme involving the same poison used in the killings. But one of her victims, her husband Kenji, is proving her innocence, and struggles against an impenetrable bureaucracy to clear her name and save her life. In spite of compelling evidence of a miscarriage of justice, his odds seem impossibly long.

Director’s profile:

Masahiro Nimura Director, Producer, has directed and produced various TV programs for 20years, titles, such as, School refusal has arrived (2021) for NHK, Short documentary about a unique method to bring out a dramatic recovery from schizophrenia. How To Train Your Schizophrenia and so on. In recent years, he has followed the subject of Japanese criminal justice, the death penalty, and false accusations.