Cannes XR

Cannes XR Development Showcase –
in association with Kaleidoscope


Genre: Drama, Science-fiction

Format: 6 DoF

Produced by: Fredfilm

Language: English

Team: Herman Fredlund (Director/tech-artist), Christian Oliveros (programmer), Tim Bishop (spatical sound-designer)

Runtime: 10 minutes

Projected production date: December 2020

Budget in place: $8,100

Projected budget: $98,000

Country: SE

Int.act is an interactive experience about processing memories through an exploration of the different stages of a relationship between two people. From the first meeting to make-or-break fights. Taking the role of one of the characters, you are enabled to explore the different memories and the actions affections the outcome of the relationship.


Play area: Roomscale

Number of players: Single-player

Built with: Unity

Compatibility: Oculus Quest, Pc hmd (Oculus rift, Htc vive, Windows mixed reality)

Distribution: Festivals, Events, Oculus Store, Sidequest store