Ground Zero

Co-production Day

Ground Zero

Original title: Ground Zero

Directed by: Zhanna Ozirna

Produced by: Iryna Kovalchuk (RADAR Films)

Genre: Drama

Country of production: Ukraine

Runtime: 100 min

Projected budget: 869 229 €

Budget in place: 4%

Expected release: October 2022

Looking for: Our main goal is to find reliable partners who can feel the authentic story of the film and will discover it with us. We see co-production not only as a financial contribution but also as a long journey of joint experience and professional exchange. Therefore, we are seeking an international co-producer who can bring up to 20% of the budget and will be able to participate in the development of the project. In addition, we are ready to work with foreign directors of photography and composers, and we would also consider international post-production. Besides that, we are seeking international distributors and sales agents. Currently, all territories are open.

Marina is a researcher of the monotowns – the settlements built for the needs of one big factory. After 25 years she is back to her native Ukrainian town to make a new step in her research.There she meets Roman, an excavator driver. He is a grandson of the hero of II World War, whose bones were found here. When Marina suddenly reveals new controversial facts about the past she faces a difficult personal choice: to ruin the life of the man she’s fallen in love with or to overstep her own beliefs.

Written by: Zhanna Ozirna


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