Cannes XR Development Showcase –
in association with Kaleidoscope


Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy, Narrative

Format: Installation

Produced by: Tamanoir, Demute

Language: French

Team: Samuel Lepoil (Director), Rémi Large (Producer), Alice Lepetit (Artistic Director), François Fripiat (Producer)

Runtime: 20 minutes

Projected production date: November 2020

Budget in place: $37,000

Projected budget: $200,000

Country: FR

Birdie Long Gone is a 20-minute immersive narrative experience for one spectator who brings travel trun to life, becoming the magical theatre of a quest for origins. The participant plays the character of Claire in an introspective treasure hunt. By opening her illusionist parents’ travel trunk, the young woman tries to find their trail. The experience is a family drama told like a fairy tale. It deals with the roe of illusion in our lives, and more precisely the part played by fantasized memories of our origins in the construction of our identity. These themes are approached through a work on matter and objects, memory supports that betray them as much as they contain them. Birdie Long Gone uses the full potential of augmented reality technology to give objects a magical dimension. Thanks to Demute’s Ahia immersive audio headphones, memories are played to sound, leaving the spectator the space to imagine the ghostly world playing out in front of him.


Play area: Art Gallery, Installation Space, Spatial Audio Environments

Number of players: Single-player

Built with: Unity

Compatibility: Bose Enabled Headphones

Distribution: Installations