Available from 6 to 17 July:
• in Museum of Other Realities


Format: 6 DoF

Directed by: Keisuke Itoh

Produced by: WOWOW × Cinemaleap

Original title: Beat

Team: Producers : Katsutoshi Machiba, Hiroko Fujioka | Assistant Producer : Tetsuya Ohashi | Original Music : Yui Morishita | Technical Support: Yutaka Hashimoto | Haptics Supervisor: Hideyuki Ando

“Beat” is a story elaborated from your “Heart”. Viewers can experience the work with their hearts in their hands. Viewers encounter a rusted robot, absolutely static. He doesn’t have a “heart” to move. Viewers can grant him a new heart by putting theirs on the robot. He then stands up and starts to move, expressing joy to live out all his strength. However, when he meets with new robots, he doesn’t know how to communicate properly. It is a story that you can realize the power of the heart and the importance of emotional connection with others.