Area Man Lives


Area Man Lives

Genre: Comedy

Produced by: Michael Perrotto, Numinous Games in association with Cyan Ventures and City Lights

Directed by: Amy Noel Green, Ryan Green

Original title: Area Man Lives

Lead artist: Amy Noel Green, Ryan Green

Runtime: 120-300 minutes of gameplay (Variable length)

Language: English

Completed in: 2022


AREA MAN LIVES. Or does he? A quirky radio drama unfolds around you in VR while you do your best to keep the radio station humming along as its new DJ. You speak out loud to produce commercials, interview callers and have conversations with your producer. Try your best to piece together how your actions inside the station impact your listening audience. And when things get super weird, don’t forget to save the Area Man.

Director’s statement:

AREA MAN LIVES is a hilariously absurd VR adventure that uses unique storytelling to reveal what we believe about our place in the world and surface questions of destiny, examining how those beliefs connect us to others or drive us apart. We believe that everyone wants to be seen and that when we choose to connect with others we discover all the profound ways that we matter.

Origin: US

Devices: Oculus Quest series

Platform: VeeR