72 hours

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72 hours

Original title: 72 hours

Directed by: Anna SAVCHENKO

Produced by: Isabel DE LA SERNA (Playtime films, Belgium), Jean-Marie GIGON (Sanosi Productions, France), Volia CHAJKOUSKAYA (Volia Films, Belarus)

Country of production: Belgium, France, Estonia

Runtime: 90'

Expected release: September, 2023

Production stage: Post-Production

Budget: €350.885 (75% in place)

1st feature: Yes

Looking for: Gap Financing, TV Coproduction, Prebuys, Sales Agent, Festival, Impact Partners


A woman’s life has been incomplete ever since her son was wrongfully accused, sentenced to death and executed within a year. From a grieving mother she transforms to a symbol of the struggle against the death penalty. Today, she shares her painful reminiscences with a theater group of 4 young people, all displaced for different reasons. They all gather to poetically process the mother and son’s story, combining documentary theater with media and family archives.

Director’s profile:

Anna studied documentary film at Doc Nomads international master program. Her main interest is creative documentary, hybrid and experimental cinema, while in her work she tends to explore the dialogue between the genres. Based in Belgium and Spain, she works both as director and editor. Her feature documentary project “72 Hours” was awarded at DOK Industry Leipzig 2019 (EWA Network Talent Award), at East Doc Market 2021 (Czech TV co-production award) and won FIFDH Geneva 2021 Impact Day Award.

Producer’s profile:

Playtime Films is founded in 2007 in Brussels, Belgium. It focuses on ambitious cinematographic works and eye-catching television shows with international scope in both the fiction and documentary genre. Playtime is always on the road searching for audacious authors and directors who have a singular vision of the world. Isabel de la Serna joined Playtime Films in 2010 and one year after she became partner and producer in charge of Playtime’s films development and production. As the unique producer at Playtime Films, she aims to build up a strong network of Belgian and international talented writers and directors to develop and produce high-hand documentaries with international potential and art house and market driven feature film.