Málaga Goes to Cannes

Saturday 18 May - 14:00 - 16:00, Palais K 

Festival de Málaga, which this year celebrated its twenty-second edition, contributes powerfully to the development of cinema in Spanish by presenting its best films, documentaries, short films. It wants to reach all audiences and in its desire to present and promote a broad panorama of the cinematographic culture.


Contact person : Annabelle Aramburu –annabelle.aramburu@gmail.com – +34 629 204 246

THREE-BODY PROBLEM (Sobre la Inestabilidad de los tres cuerpos)

Feature film – Spanish – 103′

Directed by : Carlos Lenin TREVIÑO-RODRÍGUEZ

Produced by : Miguel Angel SÁNCHEZ (CUEC-UNAM)

Country of production : Mexico

Synopsis : Displaced by the violence that swept their town, Paloma and Lobo survive trying to love each other. Through thirst, fear and nostalgia, Paloma wishes to go back home but Lobo lives tied to a memory that stops him from returning.


Documentary – English – 75′

Directed by : Iban DEL CAMPO

Produced by : Iban DEL CAMPO (Limbus Filmak)

Country of production : Spain

Synopsis : New York city´s underground and naked performance artists bump & grind against the fake American Dream. Burlesque is the new punk rock according to Dirty Martini and Tigger!


Feature Film – Spanish – 100′

Directed by : Mertixell COLELL

Produced by : Belén SÁNCHEZ (Polar Star Films)

Country of production : Spain

Synopsis : A couple of dancers travel across the northwest of Argentina and Chile performing their long time dreamed tour. After 24 years sharing professional and personal universes, the trip opens a gap between them. Their relationship begins to teeter


Documentary – Spanish – 85′

Directed by : Natalia LABAKÉ

Produced by : Mariana LUCONI (Protón cine)

Country of production : Argentina

Synopsis : A family marked by the nostalgia of an era, Argentina of the nineties. From one generation to the next, women construct a family and historical story marked by tensions and silences that oscillate between the political and the domestic.​