📈 Marché du Film Announces Launch of Cannes Investors Circle

The groundbreaking event bringing together top-level film & media financing experts and presenting for the first time a handpicked selection of high-caliber film projects to be pitched to an exclusive pool of private investors. 

The Marché du Film is proud to announce the launch of Cannes Investors Circle, an exclusive event taking place on 21 May at the Marché’s brand new and prestigious venue, Plages des Palmes. The event will commence with a keynote introduction by Liesl Copland, Participant’s Executive Vice President, Content & Platform Strategy, who will offer her unique perspective on the modern media landscape.

Following the keynote, a panel discussion titled “Navigating Film Finance in a Changing World” will bring together top experts from across the independent film value chain to offer insights on global financing and market trends in 2023 and beyond. The panelists will include:

Elisa Alvares, finance expert at Jacaranda Consultants
Rikke Ennis, CEO of REinvent Studios
Emilie Georges, Co-Founder & CEO of Paradise City
Mike Goodridge, UK producer at Good Chaos (and also presenting Jessica Hausner’s Club Zero in the Festival’s Official Competition this year)

Film festival consultant Wendy Mitchell will moderate the panel.

Cannes Investors Circle activities will continue with an invitation-only session where VIP private investors will listen to pitches of nine new global film projects at the investment stage. The projects include films budgeted at up to 12m Euros and feature producers and directors who have previously won the Palme d’Or and Golden Bear. Following the pitches, private networking meetings and an invitation-only cocktail reception will follow.

« The aim of the Marché du Film with the Cannes Investors Circle is to support artistically and financially ambitious film projects,” says Guillaume Esmiol, Executive Director of the Marché du Film. “For the first time, we are selecting projects of the highest caliber to present to top-tier investors. In light of the current financial landscape and Cannes’ unique positioning, we believe it’s relevant to explore new opportunities for funding through private investment, and we hope this inaugural event will grow in the coming years. »