✨ Cannes Gala, A Global Convergence of Creativity and Commerce at the 2024 Marché du Film

Cannes Gala is set to join the prestigious market event lineup, offering an exclusive platform for the world's most visionary minds to converge.

Cannes Gala, a prestigious new event hosted by the film studio NOMA, is poised to welcome an illustrious array of guests, including award-winning actors, celebrities, visionary business leaders, cultural icons and artists from across the globe. This diverse gathering promises a vibrant exchange of ideas and collaborations, fostering synergies between emerging artists and corporate innovators.

Set against the backdrop of the Marché du Film, Cannes Gala guarantees an evening of sophistication, innovation, and inspiration. The inaugural event will feature traditional cultural performances, a charity auction and speeches — all dedicated to celebrating the future of the film industry.

At the helm of this remarkable event is a distinguished team led by NOMA’s film studio Director, Taichi Ito, serving as Chairman and bringing his creative vision and expertise to the forefront. Assisting him are Executive Producer Ryo Nakatsuji from NOMA, alongside Marc-Lionel Gatto from My Global Village and Anita Gupta from KiwiTech, each contributing their unique insights and talents to ensure the success of this groundbreaking event.

Themed « Honest & Noble, » the Cannes Gala pays homage to the film industry’s rich history and traditions. This theme permeates the event’s ambiance, seamlessly blending modern sophistication with cultural performances, evoking an atmosphere of elegance and reverence.

Cannes Gala will take place on 19 May — an evening that promises to be as unforgettable as it is influential!