Animation Day : a full day dedicated to animation

The Marché du Film and the Annecy Festival have created Animation Day: a full day dedicated to animation!

« Dragonkeeper » – © China Film Animation – Movistar | « Archipelago » – © Embuscade Films | « Samsam » – © Folvari | « Bob Spit – We Do Not Like People » – © Coala Filmes | « Yakari » – © 2018 Dargaud Media / Wunderwerk / Belvision / France 3 Cinema / Bac Films Production / Universum Film / Gao Shan Pictures –

The Marché du Film, looking to strengthen the presence of animation in Cannes, partnered with the Annecy Festival and Market to create Animation Day.

As part of Animation Day, Annecy will offer a fourth Annecy Goes to Cannes, where there will be five feature films in progress, complemented with a panel discussion examining adult animation film distribution.

This event will take place Sunday May 19 2019 from 9:30, at the Olympia Cinema, 5 rue d’Antibes, Olympia theatre 1


« With the evolution of some models of distribution, we are seeing a higher level of permeability between cinematographic genres, declared Jérome Paillard, Executive Director of the Marché du Film. There are a number of sales agents, distributors and producers who are now interested in animation – and not only animation for children. I immediately wanted to partner with the Annecy Festival for this day, whose expertise in this domain is unparalleled ».

« I can only revel in this initiative that enables our two entities to bolster the visibility of animated films at Cannes, and to support this marvellous dynamic experienced by animation feature film.
I am very grateful to Jérome Paillard and the Marché du Film de Cannes for this collaboration that enables diverse professionals to seize the opportunities of an art that is constantly pushing boundaries. »
Mickaël Marin, CEO, CITIA


Annecy Goes to Cannes :

By continuing its support in the industry’s sector, Annecy is giving a selection of films in production the opportunity to showcase their progress: presenting some first exclusive images (animated sequences, trailers, artworks) aimed at distributors, investors and sales agents present at Cannes, to encourage them to participate in the adventure of these films!

Programme : 

Dragonkeeper – Spain/China – in production
In the presence of Ignacio Ferreras (director), Jian-Ping Li (co-director), Manuel Cristobal (producer, Dragoia Media) and Weiwei Song (co-producer, China Film Animation)

Archipelago – Canada – in production
In the presence of Félix Dufour-Laperrière (director) and Nicolas Dufour-Laperrière (producer, Embuscade films)

Samsam – France/Belgium – in production
In the presence of Didier and Damien Brunner (producers, Folivari)

Bob Spit – We Do Not Like People – Brazil – in production
In the presence of Cesar Cabral (director) and Ivan Melo (producer, Coala Filmes)

Yakari – France/Germany/Belgium – in production
In the presence of Xavier Giacometti (director) and Maïa Tubiana (producer, Dargaud Media)

At 9:30, Sunday May 19, at the Olympia Cinema, 5 rue d’Antibes.



Panel Discussion : The A-Z game plan to releasing adult animated films for the big screen 

On the whole animation films are usually targeted at a younger age group, yet a number of feature-length animations are specifically aimed at older audiences.

From scriptwriting to the film’s release, what are the best choices to make? Is a good distributor one that is specialized? What smart marketing practices help support a film’s successful release in cinema theatres?

Producers, international sellers, distributors and operators will address these questions.

From 11:30, salle Olympia 1