Learn more about how Spain plans to boost the audiovisual industry!

In collaboration with the State Secretariat for Telecommunications & Digital Infrastructures, the Country of Honour agreement is supported and funded by the Spanish government’s two major initiatives: “Spain, Audiovisual Hub of Europe” Plan (to boost the audiovisual sector) and the Recovery, Transformation & Resilience Plan (to boost the country’s economic growth).

New initiatives & plans

Spain Audiovisual Hub of Europe

The objective of the Spain Audiovisual Hub Plan is to strengthen the competitiveness of Spanish audiovisual production and its internationalization, while increasing the attractiveness of Spain as a destination for investment linked to the audiovisual production of foreign companies. With an expected public investment of 1,603 million euro, the plan has 4 axes and 15 measures in areas such as: the promotion and digitalization of audiovisual activities, the promotion and internationalization and the attraction of investments; the improvement of financial and fiscal instruments; the availability of talent and development of human capital; and regulatory reforms and elimination of administrative barriers.

Spain Audiovisual Bureau

The Spain Audiovisual Bureau is a one-stop shop for advice and support companies in the audiovisual sector, with all the information related to internationalisation, both to attract foreign investment and shooting to Spain and to help Spanish companies and productions to develop their projects abroad. The Bureau is one of the measures of the Government’s plan “Spain, Audiovisual Hub of Europe” (Plan “Spain AVS Hub”), which is one of the axes of the Digital Spain 2025 agenda and aims to make Spain the main audiovisual hub in Europe by promoting audiovisual Spanish production. It also promotes the attraction of investment and economic activity, to reducing the gender gap and strengthening companies in the sector by improving their competitiveness through digitization and the support of talent.